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Look! The Electric Porsche Macan Heads to the U.S.!

For 2025, the second-generation Porsche Macan grows and eschews internal combustion, opting for two electric motors and a 100 kWh battery pack.

On the 25th of January 2024, Porsche revealed the second-generation, 2025 Porsche Macan crossover SUV. It marks the Stuttgart brand’s first battery-electric SUV and second ever BEV, after the Taycan that arrived in 2020.

Porsche developed the Macan on a new platform appropriately named Premium Platform Electric, or PPE, as opposed the J1 Platform that the Taycan is built from. Fun side note, Porsche told me years ago that this new PPE platform will also underpin the second generation Taycan.

At launch, two versions of electric Macan enter the market: the Macan 4 and the Macan Turbo. Both utilize two electric motors and deliver all-wheel-drive.

The Macan 4 gets a peak 402 HP of “overboost” power, which I’m guessing means for 10 second or so bursts, while the the Macan Turbo will offer up to 630 HP of “overboost” power. Peak Torque is 479 lb.-ft for the Macan 4 and a heavy duty truck worthy 833 lb.-ft for the Macan Turbo.

This proves good news for fans of accelerating, Porsche claims 0-60 mph takes 4.9 seconds for the Macan 4 and a scant 3.1 seconds for the Turbo. This leads me to believe these Macan’s weight about 5000 lbs. because, generally speaking, a weight-to-power of about 12:1 is good for a 4.9-second 0-60 mph run.

Speaking of weight, the Macan uses an 100 kWh battery pack, 95kWh used for propulsion, 5kWh preserved for battery longevity. And it’s an 800 volt system, like the Taycan, that can charge at up 270kW rate. Porsche says the Macan will charge from 10-80 percent in 21 minutes at that rate “under ideal conditions.” And with regenerative braking, the Macan will recoup up to 240 kW charging the battery as opposed to the mechanical brakes while the Macan decelerates.

The second-generation Macan did grow, now spanning 188.4-in from nose to tail, 84.7-in across (though that includes the sideview mirrors) and stands 63.8-inches tall. Wheelbase stretches an extra 3.4-inches, now 113.9-in.

The Macan body slips through the air with a coefficient-of-drag of just 0.25, well below the average 0.30 of most compact SUVs. To help with aero, Porsche employs active aerodynamics. Devices like an adaptive rear spoiler, cooling flaps, and front air intakes. I first saw this tech on the 2021 911 Turbo.

Holding all of this up is an air-suspension and PASM, or adjustable shock absorbers. Porsche nabbed those shock absorbers from the Cayenne parts bin. They have the same two-valve setup, meaning a different valves for compression and rebound.

Porsche will also offer rear axle steering on the Macan for the first time, with up to 5 degrees of rotation from the rear axle. Offering a 36.4 feet turning circle and more stability at high speeds.

Image courtesy of Porsche

Inside, the driver sits more than an inch lower than in the first generation Macan. And the driver looks at a 12.6-inch digital instrument cluster and a 10.9-inch center console touchscreen. Optionally available, another 10.9-inch screen on the passenger side and an augmented reality HUD display for the driver.

Image courtesy of Porsche
Image courtesy of Porsche

And—Yes—the Macan gets a frunk! Porsche says it swallows 2.9 cubic feet worth of stuff. It also provides up to 18 cubic feet of space is offered behind the second row, depending on how the Macan is equipped, and 46 cubic feet with the second row folded down. Adequate numbers, but not wholly impressive.

Do not expect Macans to arrive at dealers until the second half of this year but you can order one now.

If you’re interested, be ready to pay at least $80.450 for a Macan 4, that does include the $1650 Destination charge, and $106,950 for the Macan Turbo. Not cheap, but cheaper than a Taycan and more everyday usable for more folks too.

But, the critical question is, does it drive as well as the first-generation generation Porsche Macan? I will definitely share as soon as I find out.

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Image courtesy of Porsche
Image courtesy of Porsche





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