Hydrotec Power Cube, image by Robin Warner

New Tech! GM and Honda Developed Fuel Cell System Arrives!

With a combined investment of $85,000,000 between GM and Honda, a facility in Brownstown, MI, builds new stacks for both brands.

Another sector in the technical partnership between GM and Honda Motor Co. officially started building fuel cell systems destined for commercial use. Under the name Fuel Cell System Manufacturing LLC, both brands intend to broaden the scope of alternative energy power sources, and, indeed, their customer base.

Both GM and Honda see a future in hydrogen fuel cells in bigger trucks, like class-8 semi trucks, as a more practical solution to battery-electric trucks. GM and Honda also state uses in even larger equipment. GM specifically states mining trucks as an example. Honda discusses stationary back-up and primary power stations. GM and Honda articulate these and other statements in the above video.

But only Honda went into specifics about fuel cell powered passenger vehicles. In fact, expect one to arrive in just a couple months time, this time based on the Honda CR-V.

Jay Joseph, American Honda vice president of sustainability and business development, spent a few minutes talking to me about the upcoming CR-V, its benefits and future. We also chat about the ongoing technical partnership with GM, which also encompasses battery electric vehicles. See our discussion in the video below.

My Talk with Honda VP Jay Joseph about the Honda CR-V FCEV

GM, alternatively, seems more focused on bigger trucks for fuel cell technology, which they already coined Power Cube.

In his remarks, Charlie Freese, executive director Global HydroTec GM, said this regarding passenger vehicles, “GM views fuel cells as being a complement to lithium-ion battery technology. Each has a role to play. In fact, almost every fuel cell application you can point to has a battery involved in helping make the propulsion system function as a hybrid.”

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