It’s bigger than before and will offer a wide variety of powertrains.

Hyundai will soon launch a second-generation Kona, one that is nearly six-inches longer than before, now 171.5-inches, rides on a longer wheelbase, 104.8-inches, and wider too, 71.9-inches. This follows the path of Honda and Toyota, both companies recently increased the size of their B-segment crossover SUVs—HR-V and Corolla Cross, respectively—to increase space inside and make it a viable option for a larger consumer set.

The Kona stands out, however, by offering a wide variety of powertrains, EV, hybrid, and internal combustion engine powered variants. And allowing the EV model to lead the design. We are far enough ahead of production units hitting dealer lots that the base dimensions and design makes up the bulk of what Hyundai revealed.

Second generation Kona. Image courtesy of Hyundai
Second generation Kona. Image courtesy of Hyundai

In that vein, do expect the different powertrains to also garner different styling cues. For example, Hyundai says the EV model will carry pixel graphic details on the grille, rear bumper, and use that design to inspire the 19-inch wheels it rolls on.

Whereas will Hybrid and ICE models will wear different front and rear bumpers with black wheel arch cladding. The N Line edition will receive even more black: sideview mirror covers, roof, spoiler. It will also rolls on a different 19-inch wheel design and sport twin exhaust tips.

Inside, the Kona will use a pair of 12.3-inch displays to make up the instrument cluster and center console touchscreen. You’ll also see ambient lighting and a column shifter mounted behind the steering wheel to free up center console space.

Second generation Kona. Image courtesy of Hyundai

Expect to hear more details soon. Including whether this will be the 2024 model year Kona, or maybe even later. And, of course, the real proof will come when we get the chance to drive it.