2023 Honda HR-V. Image by Robin Warner

Acura Swoops In with a New SUV! The ADX.

Expected in early 2025, the ADX will slide in under the RDX and act as an SUV shaped gateway to the Acura line-up. Think of it as a tall Integra, hopefully.

Acura recently announced that we will see a new, entry level SUV added to the line-up, beneath the RDX, MDX, and ZDX models. Its name is ADX. Expect Acura to unveil the ADX early in 2025, likely as a 2026 model year small crossover.

Acura kept details quite light save for saying that:

  1. We will see a turbocharged engine under its hood.
  2. It will enter the market beneath the RDX.
  3. “The 2025 Acura ADX will add a fourth SUV to our lineup and a new gateway model ready to build on the incredible success of Integra, helping make Acura a destination brand for a new generation of buyers,” said Emile Korkor, assistant vice president, Acura National Sales.”

Based on what I know about Acura and Honda, here’s what I think the ADX will look like and what will power it down the road. Let’s dive in.

Fundamentally, Acura will build its version of the Honda HR-V. And style it very similar to the Integra. To be clear, I think Acura will make a huge effort to separate the ADX from the HR-V. And I mean that in terms of styling, chassis, powertrain, interior, and even structure.

2023 Honda HR-V Profile. Image by Robin Warner
2023 Honda HR-V Profile. Image by Robin Warner

Why do I think that? Well, let’s start with the bigger RDX. The RDX is 187.4 inches long or 2.6-inches longer than the Honda CR-V. And every other dimension is a smaller difference than that. In other words, going with a CR-V based crossover would come too close to the RDX.

Furthermore, when Honda introduced the second-generation HR-V for 2023, It switched platforms. Used to be the old Honda Fit and replaced it with the Honda Civic. Add to that, the relaunched Acura Integra, which also came out for the 2023 model year, also used the Civic sedan as its starting point.

Assuming Acura follows the same formula here, I do expect the ADX to measure a bit longer than the HR-V, perhaps around 183-inches long, compared to the HR-V’s 179.8-inches. And I bet we will see a bit of bracing around the front and rear shock towers to stiffen up the structure and improve driving feel.

2023 Acura Integra engine bay. Image by Robin Warner
2023 Acura Integra engine bay. Image by Robin Warner

For the powertrain, Acura already claimed it will be turbocharged. That likely means engineers will just bolt up the same turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-four that’s in the base Integra as well as the Honda Civic Si and several other models. However, I hope Acura bumps up power above 200 horsepower, even just a token 205 horsepower would satisfy me. Torque can stay at 192 lb.-ft, no problem.

Acura will save the turbocharged 2.0-liter for an ADX Type S, because, of course they’ll do an ADX type S.

I also expect the interior to closely follow equipment offered in the Integra. A 10.2-inch instrument cluster screen, and similar sized center display with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, etc. If we’re lucky, it will follow the MDX update for the 2025 model year and get Google built-in tech as well.

2023 Acura Integra interior. Image by Robin Warner
2023 Acura Integra interior. Image by Robin Warner

For price, tack on a couple thousand to the Integra base price, which means the ADX starts at, about $35,000. That puts it well below the RDX base price, which is in the mid-forties and meets the need to be a gateway into the brand, just as Acura describes it.

There you have it, my guess as to what we can expect with the upcoming, 2026 Acura ADX small crossover SUV.

Acura ADX logo. Image by Acura
Acura ADX logo. Image by Acura

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